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Evocative Photographs celebrating England's beautiful north country

Landscape Photography Blog


Dunstanburgh Sunrise

24/09/2009 17:16:00
by Andrew Whitaker
 Northern Horizons

Another morning and a good excuse to try out my new camera, the 5D mark ii. The clarity of the image on this camera is outstanding and I'm more than pleased with the latest results. The sunrise was beautiful and fast moving clouds after the stormy weather through the night helped me to gain a variety of images. Trying one out as a black and white has proved to add extra impact, and works well as a moody piece. Both images prove the kind of variety in similar conditions you can get with landscape photography and they should work particularly well on canvas.

Newcastle Quayside

21/09/2009 17:23:00
by Andrew Whitaker
 Northern Horizons

 Northern Horizons

After a small summer break, my first return to photography was my most local. The Newcastle Quayside is just on my doorstep and these are some of the first results I achieved on very different mornings. I love the reflections and stillness of the Tyne first thing in the morning, and think that this helps add to the impact of the image. I'm looking forward to printing these images as I think they are going to have real impact particularly on a canvas print.

Sugar Sands

19/09/2009 16:31:00
by Andrew Whitaker
Sugar Sands, Northumberland
I love the name of this beach up on the Northumberland Coast and hope that the photo I managed to take on Thursday night has done it justice. The colours of this sunset remind me of candy floss and this goes aptly with the name of the beach. It was a sunset that I nearly didn't capture, I was packing up heading towards the car when I looked up and saw the colours had changed dramatically, so I sprinted back to the beach in time to capture this. The colours of this landscape photograph will work well as a canvas or print.


15/09/2009 16:34:00
by Andrew Whitaker
Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland
A beautiful and calm sunrise was to be seen up at Bamburgh a couple of mornings ago, but the main lesson here was to be in the right place at the right time. This shot was taken half an hour before sunrise proving that often the best colours are at unexpected times! This will work particularly well as a panoramic canvas.

Tynemouth Pier

07/09/2009 16:39:00
by Andrew Whitaker
Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland
An evening that promised more in terms of stormy weather still produced a sunset worth photographing. So I set out to the Tynemouth and this shot gives an idea of what I was able to produce, in future photography of this area I'll be trying my zoom lens to see if I can focus in on the waves.


07/09/2009 17:25:00
by Andrew Whitaker
Linhope, Cheviots, Northumberland
Linhope, Cheviots, Northumberland Northern Horizons

A good time of the year is upon us for photography, so I set about staking out the Cheviots. On a quiet evening with not a sole around I had the Linhope area to myself and managed to get a couple of shots. One in particular shows off the heather around at this time of year.

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